Mary Stowe

Graphic Design and Social Media Management

Social Media Management

From events and entertainment, to video games, mental health, and ecommerce, the range of social media accounts that I have managed and grown cover all the bases.

Currently Manage


Destructoid, a branch of the Enthusiast Gaming Network, is a news and review site for the video game industry.

Managed from May 2020- present.

Zelda Universe

Zelda Universe is one of the largest fan sites for the popular video game franchise, The Legend of Zelda.

Managed from July 2017- present.

In February 2019, I became the primary manager for the Instagram account. The following there grew from 9k to over 25k within a year, and continues to grow and be another good representation of the ZU brand.

1 k +
Increase in Followers

Anime for Humanity

Anime for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to challenging the stigmas surrounding mental health, and creating mental health awareness through anime, manga, cosplay, and video games.

Managed from November 2017- present.

Previously Managed

Capri Tools

Capri Tools is an automotive hardware company based out of Pomona, CA.

Managed from May- December 2019.

While all social platforms saw an increase in audience and engagement, the most notable was the Capri Tool's Instagram account.

1 k
Increase in engagement
1 k
Increase in video views
1 k
Increase in Followers

NRG Park

NRG Park is the largest entertainment complex in Houston, TX and home to NRG Stadium, NRG Center, NRG Arena, and the historic Astrodome.

Managed from 2013-2017.

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