NewGame+ Fundraising Campaign

2018 was the first year for Anime for Humanity’s end of year campaign, NewGame+, and required it’s own logo and promotional graphics to set it a part from the other seasonal campaigns, but still remain consistent with the Anime for Humanity brand.

Along with designing the logo, promotional graphics, and other required assets, I participated as a guest streamer in the campaign launch on the Anime for Humanity Twitch channel.

During the live stream, I played video games and talked to viewers in the chat about AFH as a non-profit, their goals, how they are creating mental health awareness, and how donations will be used in the upcoming new year.

Zelda Universe: We went hands-on with Smash Ultimate at E3

In 2018, I attended E3 as media with the Zelda Universe team to cover Zelda and Nintendo related video games, events, and news. While at the event, I made sure all the articles from our news team was being pushed to social media, and provided photos and videos of the demo areas for both articles and social engagement.

Photograph used in the article “We went hands-on with Smash Ultimate at E3; hear what we thought of it” on the Zelda Universe main site.

Original article.